MERV 13 Filtration - Now available in 1-2-4 and 5" Filters

I receive many questions regarding Pleated filters and what is the "Best" filter available today.  Now since many of our customers utilize 1", 2' and 4" filters, I will address only standard size filters.

The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) designed a scale to rate the effectiveness of air filtration back in 1987.  This scale is known as the MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value).  The higher the number - the better the filtration

There is a balance between cost of replaceable filters - suggested length of service - and filtration.
Recently MERV 13 filtration has been designed and released into  1", 2" and 4" pleated filters.

Below is a pictorial of how a MERV 13 filter is designed.

Glasfloss - a major manufacturer of Air Filtration released the MERV 13 pleated filter optimized for "LEED" compliance in new and existing building as well as providing a cost effective upgrade to the popular MERV 11 filter.

 MERV Rating
 Examples of airborne particles
 13 - Best
 All bacteria
   Particulate size.3-1.0 microns
 Croplet nuclei (sneeze)
   <75% Cooking oil
   Particulate size1.0-10.0 microns Most smoke
   90% >
 Insecticide dust
  Most face powder
  Most paint pigments
 11 - Better
   Particulate size1.0-3.0 microns Humidifier dust
   65% -79%
 Lead dust
   Particulate size 3. to 10
 Milled Flour
 Auto emissions particles
  Nebulizer drops
 8 - Good
   Particulate size3.0-10.0 microns Spores
   70% - 85%
 Dust mite body parts and droppings
  Cat and dog dander
  Hari spray
  Fabric protector
  Dusting aids
  Puding mix

Particulate size is measured in Microns or 1/1000 of a milimetre - and I have listed know common airborne items.

Furnace Filter Warehouse is a leading supplier of the latest technology MERV 13 filters.  Should you wish to read additional information regarding these filters - please access the link below.

Glasfloss MERV 13 Filter Detail